Corinthia Prefecture occupies the northeastern region of the Peloponnese and a small part of Central Greece, with coastal waters along the Corinthian Gulf to the north and the Saronic Gulf to the east.

It features a total of 160 km of beaches, while the lakes, springs, gorges, forests, olive groves, vineyards and grazing fields in its interior contribute to the unique beauty of this land.

Notable archaeological sites, magnificent beaches and lush mountain sides just a short distance from Athens invite visitors to explore and learn about multi-faceted Corinthia and to unearth tales, both great and small, with a wealthy tradition that touches everyone.

Ancient Corinth, Isthmia and the submersible bridge, cosmopolitan Loutraki and picturesque Vouliagmeni Lake, the Baths of Beautiful Helen, Nemea with its ancient ruins and famous wines, as well as Nafplio, are among the nearest and most worthwhile points of interest for every visitor.

Unique Stymphalia Lake, the Feneos Plateau, beautiful Trikala, pine-covered Mt Ziria, the Evrostini uplands and the national park at Sarantapicho have many surprises in store. An excursion to Kalavryta and the Vouraikos Gorge or a visit to the Mega Spileo (Large Cave) offers amazing sights to behold.

In addition to the wealth of natural and historical sights it offers, Corinthia is a central hub serving as the gate to the Argolis Plain, Mycenae, Argos and impressive Epidaurus with its famous theatre and annual festival.

It also includes one of the most strategic locations in Greece – the Corinth Canal.

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