An area of unique cultural heritage and natural beauty well worth exploring for short tours at any time of the year.

Combine your trip with a visit to:

  • The Patras Carnival
  • The Epidaurus Festival
  • The ski centres on the Menalo and Helmos mountains
  • The Loutraki Casino

Discover history and the magic of:

1.   Isthmus – Diolkos: A narrow piece of land that separated the Corinthian Gulf from the Saronic Gulf, it made travelling from one body of water to the other dangerous and time-consuming. In the time of Periander, the tyrant of Corinth, a paved track about 3.5-5 m wide, the Diolkos, was constructed from Schinous (present-day Kalamaki) to the western side of the canal to move boats overland on tracks.

The submersible bridge is also worthy of note.

2.   Isthmia: An area where the remains of the sanctuaries of Poseidon and Melicertes Palaemon, the Roman theatre and stadium are still evident. The Museum of Isthmia features all of the findings, as well as a unique collection of glass panels from 375 AD.

3.   Ancient Corinth: An impressive site with the agora, the Temple of Apollo, the bema of Paul the Apostle, the ancient Odeon and the archaeological museum with Corinthian and Roman works of art.

4.   The castle of Acrocorinth: An important centre of worship in antiquity with remains of Christian churches, Turkish structures and the Temple of Aphrodite. It provides a breathtaking view of the region.

5.   Corinthian Mountains: Stymphalia Lake with its rare wetland, associated with Hercules’ sixth labour, the magical village of Kastania and the mountain municipality of Feneos with the amazingly beautiful artificial lake of Doxa and the Monastery of St George dating to the 14th century.

6.   Nemea: A Pan-Hellenic centre of religious and athletic events with a history dating back to the distant past. The Temple of Zeus and the stadium are significant sites.

The area is also well known for the famous wines made from its numerous vineyards. A wine festival is staged every year and a revival of the Nemean games is held every two years.

7.   Trikala Korinthias: Built on the extensive Kyllini plateau, with Flabouritsa Gorge. It is the ideal place for hiking and trekking.

8.  Kalavryta: A captivating route from Diakofto-Kalavryta-Mega Spileo (Large Cave) with the cog-wheel railway. The Vouraikos Gorge is particularly beautiful. Visit the monasteries of Mega Spileo and Agia Lavra and the Cave of the Lakes with the 13 tiered lakes.

9.   Kryoneri Observatory: Observation and information about achievements in astronomy.

10. Environment Museum of Stymphalia: A new museum highlighting the interdependence of humans and nature.

11. Wineries: Visits and wine-tasting.

12. Crossing the Corinth Canal: There are regularly scheduled cruises that last about 1h15′ leaving from Isthmia.