Let yourself into a holistic wellness and fitness system that will make you love your body.

SPA Services

Indoor heated pool

Keep fit daily in the heated pool 18x5m and enjoy a rejuvenating experience in a modern calm area, overlooking the blue sky and the green of the palm park.

Heated Jacuzzi

Get rid of fatigue and stress and feel deep relaxation throughout the body in the heated six-person Jacuzzi. Sit in ergonomic positions and let bubble jet rejuvenate your muscles and reduce pain and grips with a soothing therapeutic massage.

Turkish bath

Intoxicating your senses with specialized treatments Turkish bath and enjoy traditional oriental ritual and care.


Indulge in the liquid vapor heat and allow steam to penetrate deep into your muscles offering detoxification and relaxation.

Boost blood circulation throughout your body and keep your immune system in good condition.


Allow your skin to sweat and release your body of toxins and stress. The skin is the largest organ in our body and uses its resources to breathe and expel toxins. Regular use of the sauna restores healthy skin and body.

The Alkyon Spa Center has 2 saunas, separately for men and women.

Spa jet

Enjoy the unique experience of total wellness and reconstruction.

Lie on the ergonomic cabin Spa jet and refresh with the new revolutionary body treatments, massage and chromotherapy.

Spa Suite

In a private cabin, relax in the double Jacuzzi, enjoy wellness treatments together and meet the perfect spa treatment for two.