About us

Alkyon Resort Hotel & SPA

The Alkyon Resort Hotel complex is a luxury facility conveniently situated in Vrachati Corinth about 1 hour from Athens and 80 m from the Corinthian Gulf. Built on grounds of about 2.5 hectares with simple architectural lines, it provides an oasis of luxurious serenity.

There are 8 buildings providing rooms and services that combine elegance and comfort among the lush vegetation of the gardens and paths of the hotel.

The hotel is located near notable archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and the mountainous region of Corinthia, convenient for getaways at all seasons of the year.

The suburban railway from the airport or Athens stops in Corinth or in Kiato and provides easy and convenient access.

The ΑLKYON is ideal for:

– Families with children because it offers roomy flats and maisonettes, safe surroundings and a full range of services to keep children occupied.

– Travellers looking for a resort from which to explore the beauty of the Peloponnese and the exceptional archaeological sites of Acrocorinth (the Corinthian acropolis), Ancient Corinth, Nemea, Lake Doxa and others.

– Professionals wanting to spend a quiet weekend outside the city, enjoying excellent service and good food.

– Companies and organisations looking for the perfect venue for their professional meetings.

We have created a modern, welcoming environment and we offer top-quality services year round, guaranteeing a comfortable and memorable stay along with flawlessly and creatively staged events with your signature.

We have the knowledge, the experience and the love for the art of hospitality so that we can meet every one of your needs.

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