A strategic location

Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa is located in Vrahati, in the prefecture of Corinthia, west of Corinth, and belongs to the municipality of Vocha.  Vrachati, in Korinthia, is a picturesque seaside town located between Corinth and Kiato, just 95 km from Athens.

Vrahati is famous for its natural splendor, its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its central location within walking distance from many places of historical and archaeological interest.

The Magic of Nature

The popular tourist resort is the prime destination for those seeking to explore stunning natural beauty and enjoy invigorating hikes in a beautiful natural landscape.

The magnificent beaches with crystal clear waters, such as the beach of Vrahati which has been awarded a Blue Flag, the magnificent hiking trails surrounded by lush vegetation, and the picturesque villages will tempt you to discover them.

Enchanting lakes, gurgling springs, breathtaking gorges and dense forests will delight you with the natural beauty of the Corinthian landscape. Attractions like the unique Stymphalia Lake, pine filled Ziria, Vouraikos Gorge, the Great Cave, and the National Park in Sarantapicho offer unforgettable scenery and adventure.

A Journey through History

Vrahati in Corinthia, is the ideal destination for lovers of history and culture. The central location of Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa allows guests to take many short excursions and day trips to noteworthy archaeological destinations and remarkable cultural sites.

Discover the rich and fascinating past of Corinthia and take a stroll through history! Visit Ancient Corinth, Isthmia, the Baths of Beautiful Helen, renowned Ancient Nemea, and take a trip through time and history.

Unforgettable day trips

Plan and enjoy nearby excursions to picturesque Kalavryta, cosmopolitan Loutraki and enchanting Nafplio or visit historic Epidaurus and its famous theatre.


  • One hour away, just 95 km by car from Athens.
  • Easily accessible by suburban railway, with a station in nearby Zevgolatio.
  • Easy access to and from Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport via Suburban Railway.
  • A stone’s throw away, just 12 km from Corinth.